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Lighting Hire

Our professional lighting hire UK systems are readily available for you. Let Full Circle help you choose the best possible solution for your individual requirements.

By continually investing in the highest quality lighting we can assure complete reliability and control at your event.

Lighting equipment hire packages for Discos, Bands, Stages, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Buildings and Trees. These can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

A light display

Whether you need a full, professional show designed and created or a small, basic yet quality package, then we can do this for you.

a display of the PA Hire Southampton equipment

We are happy to provide staff on site to monitor and run the equipment to make you more comfortable.

Our lighting services can greatly enhance your production, adding an extra dimension to the musical performance in providing a visual interpretation of the music for the audience. We understand that lighting is a very important consideration for any event or production and can greatly improve the overall event experience.


This service is a great way to collaborate your venue with your event colour scheme.

Creating washes of colour throughout your venue whether that be a couple of different colours that go well together or just one main colour. We have a vast variety of colours that are available to suit all styles and tastes. This service is very popular with brides, who want to colour match their bridesmaids dresses.

It could be say, in the church/location for the service, then matching colour scheme in the reception venue.

an elegant indoor event using uplighting for event lighting hire
some trees being lit up by outdoor lighting hire uk

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor LED Uplighting service is perfect for lighting the external walls of your venue to create a WOW factor. As your guests arrive the walls of your venue can be illuminated in a colour or colours of your choice.

Outdoor lighting can be used for a variety of applications. Use white lighting to add general light for safety etc or use our coloured flood lights to illuminate architecture or landscape features around your venue grounds. A number of colours are available.

All of the lights and cable used is fully waterproof and specifically designed to be used outside for your peace of mind.

Any colour, any size and any outdoor feature! Outdoor lights are great at so many events where you can go outside or see outside.

Anything can be lit, things that look ugly during the day can be a centre piece at night with the use of these lights!

a road line with outdoor lighting at night