Mobile Staging Southampton | Take to the stage and deliver a smooth performance
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Mobile Staging Southampton

Are you hosting a staged event? When you are organising an outdoor performance, it is important to consider where you will be holding the event and what shelter you need. If you require a stage for your big performance, then Full Circle are here to provide the solution. Ensure your event is completely catered for with our mobile staging in Southampton.

Our Southampton mobile staging service Mobile Staging Southampton

Temporary staging needs to be quick and easy to construct. Despite it being mobile in design, our staging also provides the supportive structure and equipment you need to make an outstanding performance. When you hire our Southampton mobile staging, you will receive a strong and rapid stage structure, erected to compliment your particular event.

Speedy assembly

We need only two competent staging engineers onsite to set up your temporary staging and in approximately 60 minutes your staging will be fully constructed with the necessary equipment fitted included in the installation.

Quick assembly and dismantlement are what we are famous for. We help to reduce the time and unnecessary spending you would have otherwise spent on site facilities and additional technical engineers.

Spacious design

Suitable for larger music bands, drama performances and festivals, the mobile staging that we have on hire is measured at 8m x 6m so that, no matter how big the performance, you have the space you need to entertain your crowd.

Stable structures

Simply raised into position, our Southampton mobile staging eliminates the need for ladders and additional construction work that would take more time to assemble.

The stage system we use is manufactured by StagePartner, one of the most reliable stage manufacturers in the industry. You can be sure that, as a result, your mobile staging will offer the utmost stability and security during your event.

Features of our mobile staging in Southampton

Hire our mobile staging in Southampton and you will benefit from the features of our staging service. These features include:

  • Minimal assembly costs
  • Quick set up and dismantle
  • Rigged stage lighting
  • Stage barriers for crowd control
  • Weatherproof

Benefits of choosing Full Circle

At Full Circle, we want to make sure your event goes without a hitch. Our secure mobile staging in Southampton is one service you can rely on to ensure your event runs smoothly. At Full Circle, we are dedicated to providing a variety of shows and performances with reliable staging equipment and facilities. When you need an emergency staging facility, then Full Circle are here to cater to all of your technical solutions all across the UK.

Find out more

Hire your mobile staging in Southampton today when you contact Full Circle on 02380 871071.