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PA System Rental Southampton

Save yourself the stress of sourcing and setting up your own PA when Full Circle PA offers a complete service. With over 20 years’ experience in sound and lighting, we will ensure that your event runs smoothly. We have supplied a PA system rental Southampton service for many events and parties in the area.

PA System Rental SouthamptonOur Southampton Rental PA System service

We always invest in the best technology, when you rent our PA system you’ll receive only the best quality and performance. Our stress-free setup means we do it all and we will provide what you need and the effects you want.  All of our Southampton PA system rentals will be set-up by our team and we will have it running on time for your event. If required, we can provide staff to maintain and control the system and audio throughout your event.

PA Hire

We provide PA hire for events of all sizes in Southampton. We control audio set-up and dispersion at events, ensuring the highest quality, within imposed sound compliance limits. Visit our PA hire page for more information.

Lighting Hire

Lighting can make or break your event. For that added effect, we provide lighting hire for all events for that extra touch.  Our team have provided lighting for the following events:

  • Fashion Shows
  • Stages
  • Weddings
  • Discos
  • Tree and Building Displays
  • Galleries and more


At Full Circle PA, use different lighting types and colours to create ambience for your events with our uplighting service. So whether you have a wedding, corporate event, or work social, make it a night to remember with our uplighting service.


We also provide indoor and sheltered outdoor staging adapts to suit various venues.

Why choose Full Circle?

With over 20 years of experience, our company has led the way for our Southampton PA system rental service. We have the facilities and equipment required for events of all sizes. So if you are hosting a small event of around 20 people to a large event where 3000 thousand people will turn up, Full Circle PA are the company to call. We’ll come to you and have the system performance running at top quality.

Our company has the largest range of PA system rentals and we supply for both outdoor and indoor events.

Contact us

Contact us today on 07711 452061 for a free quote on the best PA system rental Southampton service.